How To Play Retro Video Games Online For Free

Play Retro Games Online Free

Nowadays, there are nearly countless ways to play retro video games, with some being free and some costing money, and with some being legal and some being less so. If you want to play Sega classics on your smartphone, you can do that with SEGA Forever. If you’re lucky enough, other, non-SEGA Forever games have been ported to smartphone and can be bought on the cheap. If you want to wait in line (online or in real life) for a miniscule chance to get a flashback console like the SNES Classic, you can do that.

Plenty Of Ways To Play Retro Video Games

You can also, of course, simply comb ebay for old consoles and games themselves, since most of them still don’t cost that much (they were mass-produced, after all). There are also plenty of not-so-legal ways to play retro games for free. You can download emulators and roms for all sorts of game consoles, but the legality around roms mostly leans towards it being illegal to distribute and download game roms. Some people don’t like emulating, though, whether it’s because they don’t feel like learning how to emulate or they just can’t/don’t want to download anything on their devices.

These people can simply go to websites that host retro games that you can play for free without having to download or buy anything.

Play Retro Games Online For Free

These Sites Are Almost Surely Illegal

Now, I can’t link you to these websites, and I do not necessarily condone them, since they are almost certainly illegal. Still, the fact remains that there are plenty of these sites out there, with varying levels of quality from site-to-site. The pictures in this article come from RetroGames (which has the extension .cc), but this is just one of dozens or even hundreds of like-minded sites. Almost all of them require Flash to be turned on, and some just don’t seem to work at all for some reason.

Anyways, these sites aren’t much different than Addicting Games, Miniclip, Newgrounds, and other flash game sites we used to spend all our time on back in the old days, except for the fact that these are the original games instead of ripoffs. This is why these sites are not kosher, because they’re hosting copyrighted games. This is also the reason that I can’t lead you to them, and do not necessarily encourage you to find them yourself. Still, they’re out there somewhere.

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