DigimonLinks Strategy Guide: Tips And Tricks


If you’re like us here at My Dpad, you haven’t been able to put down DigimonLinks¬†since it first came out. It exceeded all expectations on launch, as it was clear that Bandai Namco had created a real Digimon game for your smartphone, rather than a typical, watered-down mobile experience. Here we are now, a few days post-launch, and the game still hasn’t been disappointing in any way, considering it’s a free mobile game. If you’re looking for that extra leg up, though, you’ve come to the right place. This is…

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A Guide For Getting Started With Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress is a simulation game that is probably most widely known as an ASCII game that is prohibitively complicated. While the graphics are ASCII-based, and while it is one of the deepest, most complicated simulation games out there, Dwarf Fortress is not nearly as hard to get started with as people think it is. I could try to sum up how to get started, but the best resource by far comes from the official wiki. Dwarf Fortress Wiki Quickstart Guide If you’re a Dwarf Fortress beginner and are looking…

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How To Play Retro Video Games Online For Free

Play Retro Games Online Free

Nowadays, there are nearly countless ways to play retro video games, with some being free and some costing money, and with some being legal and some being less so. If you want to play Sega classics on your smartphone, you can do that with SEGA Forever. If you’re lucky enough, other, non-SEGA Forever games have been ported to smartphone and can be bought on the cheap. If you want to wait in line (online or in real life) for a miniscule chance to get a flashback console like the SNES…

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Legally Download SteamWorld Dig Completely Free!

SteamWorld Dig

Who likes free games? If you don’t, maybe this isn’t exactly the site for you. If you love completely free games like I do, though, let me tell you about the deal that Origin is currently running on SteamWorld Dig. Free Games On Origin, No Strings Attached Every so often, Origin will offer one of their games for free in exchange for you using Origin (whether or not you’re currently using it). This is in an attempt to wrestle some PC gaming market share from the juggernaut that is Steam.…

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Amazon Underground: Download Mobile Games For Free

Amazon Underground Download Free Mobile Games And Apps

If you have an Android phone, you probably get all your game and app downloads from Google Play. After all, Android is Google’s operating system, and most Android phones nowadays come preloaded with dozens of Google apps. While Google Play is definitely the biggest Android app store out there, there is another way. I’m talking about Amazon, and specifically Amazon Underground. If you’ve ever had a Fire tablet or anything, you know that Amazon has its own app store. That’s not what I’m here to tell you about though, as…

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Play Every Harry Potter Handheld Game On Android

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone GBC

If you have an Android smartphone, you’re probably well aware of the fact that you can emulate dozens of old game systems on it. In general, the sweet spot for Android emulation is GameBoy Advance, since the games are both modern enough to appeal to a lot of people and old enough to run on any smartphone without any problems. Most handheld consoles are great for Android emulation, since the original games were made to run on a small screen anyways. Even some of the less-demanding DS games will run…

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Where To Find The Best Cheap Legal Game Deals


When it comes to gaming, there are a few sub-factions. There are PC vs console vs handheld (vs mobile) gamers. There are people who exclusively play sports games, others who only play multiplayer shooters, others who want point-and-click adventure games that tell a great story, and still others who only want to play colorful puzzlers. No matter what type of video games you like to play though, you’re always on the look out for some great deals. That’s where My Dpad comes in. Occasionally, if there’s a great deal out…

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Practice Your Coding On The Go With Enki

Enki Build A Daily Habit

When it comes to coding, almost everyone can give you advice on where to start. Once you’ve gotten your feet wet a bit, you might run into a wall, as most tutorials either force you to start all the way at the beginning (which can be annoying) or assume you know way more than you do (which can be frustrating). On top of that, most coding tutorials are in the form of video, making them hard to work through when you’re not comfortably seated at a desk. Lucky for prospective…

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Learn How To Program With Free Courses

Free StackSocial Bundles

If you’ve played video games for any significant amount of time, you’ve probably been interested in starting to program your own games. For most people, this feeling is fleeting and quickly goes away, but for others it just seems like the natural next step to take in their hobby. The only problem is game programming seems so complicated, so most of us give up before we even start. Well, I’m here today to tell you about a free, easy path into game programming, and it starts with StackSocial. StackSocial is,…

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Join Our Pixel Starships Alliance, My Dpad Pirates

My Dpad Pirates Pixel Starships Alliance

Here at My Dpad, we’re still over the moon about the recent Android launch of Pixel Starships (Get it? Moon? Launch? Space stuff.). Most of my other gaming has gone by the wayside as I’ve once again been able to sink all my time into the scifi goodness that is Pixel Starships. In fact, I’ve been playing it so much that I finally collected enough minerals to start my own alliance, My Dpad Pirates. If you’ve been playing Pixel Starships and you’re a fan of My Dpad, join us in…

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