Roccat Lua: The Best Cheap Gaming Mouse

Roccat Lua

So you got shot in the head again.

You knew where your assassin was gonna be coming from because you heard his footsteps (and time was running out, so he had to act). Too bad your mouse slipped, you missed the shot, and now you’re just another kill on his record.

For the millionth time, you thought about how much you need a gaming mouse.

For the millionth time, you thought about how much money that would cost and decided against it. But what if there was a gaming mouse out there that didn’t break the bank?

Enter the Roccat Lua.

For less than 30 dollars, you can have your own reliable, lightweight gaming mouse. With the Roccat Lua, you can unlock a new level of control over your gaming, even if you’re on a budget.

How can it help you?

The Roccat Lua has side grips, so it won’t slip out of your sweaty hands in tense moments.

It has a dedicated button for DPI-switching, so you can seamlessly go from checking every corner with high DPI to focusing on a smaller area with lower DPI.

Not only does it fit perfectly in your hands with a raised hump where your palm goes, but it has just enough weight to not go flying around your mouse pad, ultimately leaving you more in control.

Finally, its symmetrical design makes the Roccat Lua equally deadly in the grasp of right-handed and left-handed players.

All of this means that the Lua is ready for any gaming challenge you can throw it, and you will be too with it at your hands.

Once the Roccat Lua arrives in your mailbox, you’ll feel a new level of power at your fingertips. It has an easy, near-instant setup, so it won’t be long before you’ve felt the difference a gaming mouse can make. More enemies will start falling by your hand, because you’ll be locked in like never before.

The Lua delivers the basics (and then some) you need to start gaming on the next level, at a price point that really can’t be beaten.

Works good, looks good

Roccat Stickers

It’s not all about being practical, and luckily the Roccat Lua knows style too. An LED logo on the back of the mouse adds some flash to the Lua (which will complement your backlit keyboard nicely). The stickers that come with the Lua can also jazz up your laptop, desk, or anything that needs some extra sparkle.

For under 30 dollars, you can invest in a gaming mouse that will transition between all of your virtual worlds. Sure, you can get a basic mouse for about 10 bucks, but three of those probably won’t last as long as your Lua will. Once you switch to the Lua, you’ll also understand the serious advantages that come with a mouse designed with gaming in mind.

Think about it this way — there’s no better option for dipping your toes into the world of mice dedicated to gaming than picking up the Roccat Lua, the best inexpensive gaming mouse.

If you’re ready to commit to a gaming mouse without having to take out a mortgage, buy the Roccat Lua today.

You won’t regret it.

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