DigimonLinks Is Finally Here, And It’s Perfect


Just the other day, I was telling you about some of the upcoming mobile games I was most excited about. The one I was most excited about was DigimonLinks. It seemed like it had the potential to be a real Digimon game instead of just another mobile game, and I had very high hopes. Well, DigimonLinks came out today for iOS and Android, and it delivers in just about every was possible.

DigimonLinks Battles

A Real Digimon Mobile Game

DigimonLinks is a full-fledged Digimon game, and don’t let the bottom left of the above image trick you into thinking it’s a Clash of Clans or Simpsons: Tapped Out ripoff. That’s just the DigiFarm, which is centered around training and digivolving Digimon, not on collecting rent or something like that. Just like in any great Digimon console/handheld console game, you can obsess over your Digimon party by developing the perfect team.

DigimonLinks Digivolving

You can capture “In-Training” Digimon with one type of currency (which isn’t hard to come by), and these have to spend some time in your Garden before they can be Rookie Digimon ready for battle. You can only have three Digimon in your Garden at a time, and it takes from 12 to 24 hours for them to digivolve, depending on if they’re an In-Training I or an In-Training II Digimon. Once they’re digivolved to Rookie, they move up to your House, where you can put them into your party and further train them. You can also recruit Rookie digimon with a more premium currency, and you occasionally can earn Ultimate Digimon by completing certain quests.

DigimonLinks Doesn’t Have A Story

In fact, the biggest difference between DigimonLinks and another Digimon game like, say, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, is that DigimonLinks doesn’t really have a story. That doesn’t mean that it’s purely a sandbox game, though, because there are all sorts of missions available, from normal quests to daily quests to special event quests. There are also beginner, daily, and cumulative missions, so there is plenty of guidance as well. While the stories can be great in Digimon games, the other parts of the games (training, digivolving, battling) can be even more fun. If you’re the type that likes crafting the perfect Digimon party, DigimonLinks is for you.

DigimonLinks Co-Op

DigimonLinks Social Aspects

DigimonLinks also has a pretty clever social system. Any time you “Explore” (which is how you move through quests) you can choose to go it either Solo or Co-Op. If you go Co-Op, you can invite the whole playerbase to join you, which they can do by finding you through a message board on your DigiFarm. This means that you can find people to co-op with whenever you want, including your friends. This system avoids having guilds or clans.

There is something similar to guilds or clans, and those are chats. You can’t chat with the entire playerbase at once, but you can start chat groups which can have up to 30 members and can be either public or private. This means you could either play it like a guild/clan and constantly battle with your fellow chat members, but you can also just chat or just co-op if you want as well.

Overall, An Excellent Digimon Smartphone Game

If you have a smartphone and you like Digimon, you really have to try DigimonLinks. It’s free, so go ahead and download it right now if you want an excellent Digimon mobile game. It does end up being a pretty big game (regarding how much storage it takes up) because there is a lot of in-game loading early on, but if you have the space for it I would really recommend downloading it. Trust me, you will not regret it.

Download DigimonLinks for iPhone or Android

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