Buy The Original Lion King Game For PC From GOG

The Lion King

Ahh, The Lion King. One of the best movies of all time, the 1994 game for the Sega Genesis is also one of the best licensed games based on a movie or TV show of all time. As a kid, it was one of the most inventive 2D platformers I ever played, and I played it for years and years without it ever getting old. Well, that Genesis game was eventually ported to all sorts of consoles, including the GameBoy, but most relevantly it was ported to the PC. Most…

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The Best Downloadable PSP Games For PS Vita

Ape Escape On The Loose

Here at My Dpad, we are hardcore PS Vita lovers. That means we lament every single day that the Vita didn’t get to fulfill its destiny as the best handheld console (with the best handheld console library) in history. That said, the Vita still has a pretty healthy library for people to work through, no matter what genre of games you prefer. The library gets even bigger, though, when you consider that there’s another source of games: the PSP library. These are the best PSP games that you can download…

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Best Free Video Games With No Download Necessary

The Kingdom of Loathing

Whether you’re at the library, on a friend’s computer, or just don’t have a lot of space on your drive, free games with no download necessary can be a lifesaver. Since you don’t have to commit any money¬†nor any time to downloading the game, you can really try all sorts of great, online games risk-free. I am a big fan of these game myself, so allow me to point you to the five best free online video games, or at least my favorites. Tiny Heist We’ve already told you about…

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DigimonLinks Is Finally Here, And It’s Perfect


Just the other day, I was telling you about some of the upcoming mobile games I was most excited about. The one I was most excited about was DigimonLinks. It seemed like it had the potential to be a real Digimon game instead of just another mobile game, and I had very high hopes. Well, DigimonLinks came out today for iOS and Android, and it delivers in just about every was possible. A Real Digimon Mobile Game DigimonLinks is a full-fledged Digimon game, and don’t let the bottom left of…

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Stranger Things Now Has A Free Mobile Game

Stranger Things: The Game

When Stranger Things was first released by Netflix, it seemed like a vaguely creepy ’80s throwback about some kids. No one had any idea how much it would blow up, and now season 2 of Stranger Things is one of the more anticipated TV premieres this year. If you can’t wait till the season 2 release date of October 27th, you’re in luck. Netflix has released a Stranger Things mobile game, and not only is it free, but it is excellent. A Retro RPG Stranger Things: The Game is in…

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Desert Golfing: The Most Relaxing Mobile Game

Desert Golfing

If you’re an avid mobile gamer, you’ve probably heard of desert golfing, the zen-like endless golfing simulator. It’s one of the indie darlings of smartphone gaming, but it’s not free, meaning you can’t easily see for yourself whether or not all the love for the game is just hype. Well, after thinking about it for years, I finally sprung for the small entry fee and began my desert golfing career, and I can say it lives up to all its great reviews. Desert Golfing Is Very Simple Desert Golfing, like…

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Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney: A Great Mobile Visual Novel

The original Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney not only helped bring visual novels into the mainstream in the West, it’s also one of the best detective games of all time. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney was also one of the first handheld console games that was ported to mobile, since it was a touchscreen game on the DS anyways. That port showed the potential that mobile gaming had, especially when it came to porting handheld games. Anyways, fast-forward a few years and smartphones have gotten bigger screens and better specs, meaning DS…

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The Best Free Mobile Games That Aren’t Pay To Win

Pixel Starships

When it comes to mobile gaming, it can feel like every game out there is pay-to-win. Sure, there are plenty of great singleplayer games you can play that aren’t pay-to-win (this is often the case when you have to pay for the game in the first place), but since most multiplayer mobile games are free they often end up being pay-to-win. If you want an actual multiplayer gaming experience that comes down to skill rather than who’s spent more money, these are the best mobile games that aren’t pay-to-win. Of…

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Super Mario Run: Currently Half Off For All Levels

Super Mario Run

Big news for Nintendo fans who also love smartphone gaming: Super Mario Run is currently only $4.99 to unlock all levels, as opposed to the usual $9.99. Super Mario Run Disappointment When Super Mario Run was first teased, mobile gamers everywhere were immediately intrigued. This was arguably gaming’s biggest franchise being brought to smartphones everywhere, and since Mario is such a classic it seemed that a true port of the original Super Mario Bros. might even be on the way. Then, Super Mario Run came out. The fact that it…

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Middle Earth: Shadow Of War Is Worth Playing

Middle Earth Shadow of War

Well folks, Middle Earth: Shadow of War has officially come out for Android just a few days after we teased it here. While our teaser was concerned that it would just be another Clash of Clans ripoff, once I opened up and started running the game I was pleasantly surprised. This is a fairly unique mobile game, and is definitely worth checking out for Lord of the Rings fans (and even non-fans, if any of those still exist). Similar To (But Definitely Not) An Idle Action RPG Now, I want…

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