Stand In Comfort With A Cheap Anti-Fatigue Mat

Genuine Joe Anti-Fatigue Mat

These days, standing desks are all the rage.

Whether you buy a standing desk or are lucky enough to have a built-in alternative (like the fortunately-tall breakfast bar in my apartment), you might realize after not too long that standing on your floor is not all that comfortable.

That’s why you need an anti-fatigue mat. In other words, you need a cushion for your feet.

If you look up anti-fatigue mats online, you might see some running for hundreds of dollars. If you think this is crazy, you’re not alone. I mean, it’s basically just a cushion, right?

Now, if you were hoping that you could find one more around the ballpark of 20 dollars, you’re in luck. For under 15 bucks, you can get a 2 x 3 foot anti-fatigue mat that takes care of all your needs without breaking the bank. I’m talking about the Genuine Joe Anti-Fatigue Mat.

Instead of spending your money on something that tries to look nice, just go for practicality. Since this anti-fatigue mat is just plain black, it won’t stand out or look bad in your place, either. After all, you’re gonna spend all your time with it at your feet, so it doesn’t really need to look pretty. All it needs to do is cushion your feet so that you can stand for longer periods of time.

With a Genuine Joe anti-fatigue mat under your standing desk, you’ll be able to stand and play for longer. It has plenty of space for your feet to readjust their position, so you won’t feel penned-in while standing on it. It’s also small enough to not take up much more floor space than a chair would.

Standing on a Genuine Joe Anti-Fatigue Mat

Even if you have a thinly-carpeted floor, standing can be pretty uncomfortable. The easiest way to take care of this is an anti-fatigue mat that doesn’t cost any more than it should. After all, a chair can get way more expensive than this, so don’t even think of it as an added expense.

Standing without a mat like this supporting you can get pretty uncomfortable pretty quickly. You can try it, but pretty soon you’ll be wishing you had an anti-fatigue mat (assuming you don’t want to stand around on your pillow all day). Once you realize how easily you can upgrade your standing desk setup, come back here and buy yourself the Genuine Joe Anti-Fatigue Mat.

No matter how long your gaming sessions get, you’ll be standing in comfort.

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