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I’m here today to tell you about Golf Clash. Golf Clash is a free golf game that pits you against players all over the world. The kicker is that the matches are actually in real-time, rather than simply being played against real opponents’ profiles. This adds a competitive edge to Golf Clash that many mobile games simply do not have.


At its core, Golf Clash matches are played and won on a single hole. You and your opponent are both faced with the same hole and your goal is to complete it in fewer strokes than your opponent does. That’s it. If you and your opponent both get the ball in the hole in the same number of strokes, you go to a shootout. This takes you to another hole, and you each get one shot to get the ball as close to the hole as you can, winner take all. I’ve gotten hole-in-ones on the shootout before, and I’ve had my opponent score a hole-in-one on the shootout before, but it’s never happened at the same time, so I’m not sure how Golf Clash deals with that.

Golf Clash Course

Before starting a hole, you and your opponent put up a wager, the amount of which depends on the level you’re playing at. Whoever wins the course gets all the coins. This means that lower levels are lower pressure as they ease you into the game, but once you’re further into the game each stroke counts. This is part of what makes Golf Clash an interesting mix between a casual game and a more competitive game.

The controls are pretty intuitive, and consist of a two-step process. First, you line up where you want your shot to go on an aerial cam, then you try to execute the shot by pulling back on the ball and trying to let go at just the right time. This makes Golf Clash a combination of planning out your shots intelligently but also hitting them just right.


Of course, Golf Clash would get boring fairly quickly if you only had one set of non-upgradeable clubs to deal with. Instead, you have a good amount of freedom to choose which clubs you play with, once you’ve unlocked them of course. This is mostly achieved with chests. Every time you win a match you get a chest (the quality of which depends on the level you were playing at), and you also get a free, low-quality chest every four hours. These chests come with coins, gems (the other currency besides coins, which you have to pay for), and club cards. These club cards either unlock a new club that you didn’t have before, or allow you to upgrade a club you already have. The chests take some time to unlock, depending on their quality, but you can rush the unlocking progress with gems. Upgrading your clubs is key to advancing in Golf Clash, as upgraded clubs allow you to hit the ball harder, and with more control.

Golf Clash Clubs


If you’re interested in Golf Clash because of the competitive aspects, there are a few things you should know. For one, since chests can be unlocked with gems (and even bought with gems), there is a certain pay-to-win aspect. If someone pays to unlock chests, they will have better clubs and more coins to play more matches. They will, however, still need to execute on the golf course itself, so you can get pretty far in Golf Clash without paying a dime.

Golf Clash operates on a weekly league system. During a given week, every player within a league is ranked by how many coins they’ve won in matches that week. You start in the lowest league and can move up by placing in the promotion zone, which might be the top 30 players for a given league. The league you are in determines the quality of your competition. Regardless of your league, you can play any of the tours, since you might only have enough coins to wager on a lower tour.

Is Golf Clash for Me?

If you want some golf action on your phone, I would highly recommend Golf Clash. It’s free, so if you don’t like it you can always just drop it and move on with your life. The fact that each match is a single hole means your gaming sessions can be as long or short as you want them to be, and the ranking system adds a little competition to an otherwise fairly casual game. Give Golf Clash a try today:

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