Amazon Giveaways: Does Anyone Actually Win?

Amazon Giveaways offers an exciting prospect: the chance to instantly win a bunch of random stuff with just a click (or a few clicks, if it’s one that forces you to watch a video first). Amazon is a fairly well-established company, so their giveaways seem more legitimate than a random company’s giveaways might seem. Still, after you’ve failed to win your first few, the million dollar question comes up: does anyone actually win Amazon Giveaways?

Yes, people do win Amazon Giveaways, it’s not a scam

Well, I’m here to tell you that the answer is yes. I have personally won two items from Amazon Giveaways: a weather station that is currently mounted next to my office space as I write this, and a large, handheld massager with a bunch of heads you can swap out. Sure, they’re not the two most exciting things in the world, but hey, they’re free.

They’re also the types of things I think you can expect to win from Amazon Giveaways, as they’re mildly exciting but not life-changing or anything. In other words, you might not win that Kindle Oasis or that new iPad Pro, but you can expect to win some slightly less exciting items. The key is to just play the field as much as possible.

Try to win everything you can

That’s right, I didn’t set out specifically to win a weather station and a handheld massager. Instead, I tried to win just about anything that looked at all interesting to me, from fireproof document bags and long mousepads to car battery jump starters and headphones. All in all, I must have tried to win hundreds of things by now on Amazon Giveaways. For my efforts, I’ve walked away with two things, one that I use every day (the weather station) and one that is currently collecting dust behind my couch.

Amazon Giveaways is not a scam, but it’s not a treasure trove either

At the end of the day, my personal experience shows that Amazon Giveaways is absolutely not a scam. That said, you’re probably not gonna get the device of your dreams from there either, as the most tantalizing items seem to be put up there just for people to gather up Amazon subscriptions. Still, if you have nothing better to do on a break from work, there are worse uses of time than browsing Amazon Giveaways. Just make sure to enter every giveaway you can, and eventually you’ll probably walk away with some reward for your efforts, even if it’s not a game changer or anything.

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