The Best Premium Match 3 Mobile Games (No IAP)

Zookeeper DX Icon

If you’re like me, you can’t get enough of match 3 games. Something about their casual approach to strategy makes them the perfect games for mindlessly killing some time on your smartphone. The only problem is the same problem most mobile games have: the microtransactions. You’ll be going along, having a grand old time, and that’s when you’ll run into a paywall. This leads to the grand question, are there any premium mobile match 3 games that you can just pay once and play forever? Zookeeper DX Zookeeper DX costs…

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The Moto G7 Is The Perfect Budget Gaming Phone

Moto G7

These days, a lot of people think that the smartphone debate is between Apple (iOS) and Samsung (Android). Since the most expensive flagship phones from both of these brands will run you about $1,000, a lot of people have started holding on to their old phones longer. If you’re devoted to iOS, this is pretty much your only option, but if you like Android (or are willing to switch), there’s plenty of options to choose from beyond Samsung. I’m not talking about cheap knockoff companies either, I’m talking about respected…

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Beastie Bay Might Be The Best Kairosoft Game

Beastie Bay Fight

Here at My Dpad, we’re big fans of Kairosoft games. In fact, if you check out our mobile game recommendations, you’ll see that Dungeon Village was the very first mobile game we wrote about. Kairosoft has been making great mobile games for a long time, and part of that success is understanding what makes a good mobile game different from a watered-down console game. Among all this success, though, Beastie Bay might just be the cream of the crop (and it’s free!) Beastie Bay: Monster RPG In Your Pocket A…

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Amazon Giveaways: Does Anyone Actually Win?

Amazon Giveaways offers an exciting prospect: the chance to instantly win a bunch of random stuff with just a click (or a few clicks, if it’s one that forces you to watch a video first). Amazon is a fairly well-established company, so their giveaways seem more legitimate than a random company’s giveaways might seem. Still, after you’ve failed to win your first few, the million dollar question comes up: does anyone actually win Amazon Giveaways? Yes, people do win Amazon Giveaways, it’s not a scam Well, I’m here to tell…

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Test Your Survival Skills On The Go With The Escapists

The Escapists

Hey, you. Yeah, you. Got a comb? If you do, you’re on your way to breaking out of this place. You look confused. Let me start over. Escape From Prison In The Escapists If you have a smartphone in your pocket right now, you have an alter-ego in prison. Sure, the charges might be trumped up, but your little guy is still slaving away in prison day-after-day. The only way to get him out is to download The Escapists for your smartphone. The Escapists is a premium (read: pay once…

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Plato: The Ultimate Social Mobile Game To Play With Friends


If you’re like me, there’s nothing better than a game you can play with your friends or your significant other. In fact, most of my time spent browsing Steam, the Google Play store, or other video game storefronts is spent looking for that perfect game to play with my girlfriend and my friends who all live in different states. Well, with Plato, I think I’ve finally found just the one. Much More Than A Chat App At first glance, Plato seems to be nothing more than a chat app, and…

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Aid Dementia Research With Your Thumbs In Sea Hero Quest

Sea Hero Quest

If you’re like me, a lot of mobile games can start to feel similar and blend together. You might jump from smartphone game to smartphone game, enjoying each one for a day or two before getting bored, running into a paywall, or some combination of both. When you start feeling like this, you might be tempted to start looking for a paid, premium game you can really sink your teeth into, or you might turn to emulation. There’s another option, though: turning to games that help dementia research. Help Alzheimer’s…

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Puzzle Fighter: The Perfect Retro Mobile Arcade Game

Puzzle Fighter

Attention fans of Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo: boy, have I got the game for you. If you haven’t heard, Capcom has released an official Puzzle Fighter game for mobile. It’s basically the Puzzle Fighter action you know and love shrunk down to your smartphone screen. The only change is a good one: the game is centered around PvP. In case you don’t know what Puzzle Fighter is all about, it’s basically Street Fighter with Tetris mechanics (not to be confused with the ever-popular mobile genre of console games with…

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Linear Quest: The Best Mobile Online 2D Portrait RPG

Linear Quest

Bad mobile games can be divided into two categories: terrible, irredeemable games with no positive qualities, and games that have potential but just tried to do too much. Games in the first section are pretty much just cash grabs, and are often licensed properties. Games in the second section are more admirable, but still aren’t any fun to play, because they either tried to do too much graphically or didn’t think about the control/scope limitations on a mobile phone. Good mobile games, on the other hand, are most often simply…

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How Does HQ Trivia Make Money? Now We Know.

HQ Trivia

If you’re one of the million-plus who have been playing HQ Trivia daily, you’ve probably wondered how they make money. If you’re invited anyone to the game and had to explain it to them, they probably had the exact same question immediately. Well, now we know how they will make money, and it unsurprisingly comes from corporate sponsorship. Last night, I played the 9 P.M. EST HQ game like plenty of others, and like plenty of others I lost pretty quickly. I put my phone down and forgot about HQ…

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